10 functions Android Tablet PC should have to challenge the iPad

Posted on 17 May 2010 by Android

Lowell McAdam,Verizon CEO Lowell said last week that Google is working with Verizon to develop tablet PCs in order to fight against Apple iPad. Eric Schmid, Google CEO told his friends, Google is developing a tablet PC that based on Android Smartphone operating system. However, to counter the Apple iPad, Google Tablet PC must have the following 10 major functions:

  1. Touch panel must meet or exceed the level of iPad.
  2. Prices must be lower than the iPad.
  3. Support Flash (iPad does not support).
  4. Integrates Google core services free of charge (iWork charges in the iPad).
  5. Easy access to Web Entertainment.
  6. Exogenous design must be attractive.
  7. Screen size should be 11 inches (iPad 9.7 inches)
  8. Built-in USB port (iPad not available)
  9. Support print (iPad not available)
  10. Better Web Browser

In addition, Google has to solve the following problems as well:


Google must choose a good Tablet PC’s size, preferably 5 inches to 8 inches. If it is too large, users will complain about it is not conducive to carry. If the size is too small, it will lose the advantage compared to smart phones, and some Smartphone have done a 4-inch screen now. Then, Google needs to modify the Android system and applications on it, so that they can run on a larger screen.


Other manufacturers have introduced Tablet PC products based on Android systems, but sales of those products are not optimistic, because they can not access Google Android Market to buy the software. And Google certainly will not add such a restriction to their own products, but it also needs to simplify the operation to let users find and install the required software more easily in the Android Market. If Google can slightly change its “Update All” function, that situation will be greatly changed. Users do not like the current settings of only one kind of software updates at each time.


The synchronization solution provided by Google is cloud, e-mail, contacts, calendar and other data can be obtained via wireless networking. But not all consumers like wireless data synchronization solution. Google should provide consumers with more choices, such as synchronization media content and applications with DoubleTwist, synchronize personal data with the Missing Sync, etc.


While most people are not intended to buy Tablet PC to replace the traditional computer, but if Google really wants to develop Tablet PC, it will be best to pre-install Google Docs software. And the increase of Android application and the basic document editing functions of Google Docs will help to enhance the competitiveness of Tablet PC, because Apple iPad has already provided users with iWork software for document editing.

Developer Support

Apple has received the attention of the Third-party developers, and Google has to achieve the same level as Apple. And Apple has succeeded in convincing Netflix to develop media stream software for iPad, so that consumers can access to watch the video at any place.

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