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After suing in Europe, Apple is going after Samsung to block sales of phones and android tablets in Japan

Posted on 11 September 2011 by Android

Apple is trying to block Samsung in selling their Galaxy Smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7 in Japan. Applie says both devices copy devices from a patent Apple had applied for.

Apple has opened a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court in Japan trying to block sales of the 2 smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II along with Samsungs android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7. Apple is saying that the devices violation of a patent that they have registered for their iPhone and iPad devices, and that the devices Samsung is selling are copies of Apple’s popular mobile products. As reported by Reuters, the first audience in the case was held last wednesday, but s of right now, there is no word on a time frame of when the Tokyo court might take a decision. Apple is apparently trying to get over ¥100 million (about US$1.3 million) in damages along with a ban of all sales of android tablets and smartphones.

This case is the most recent Japanese lawsuit in a fierce legal battle between Apple and Samsung over its Galaxy smartphones and Android tablets. The two companies are also in a battle over their devices  in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Korea which are yet to be solved. As of right now, Apple has successfully inflicted some damage on Samsung, they have recently blocked a shipment of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany causing the tablet to be pulled from the IFA show floor this week. Apple blames Samsung of duplicating Apple products. Samsung, on the other hand, have filled to counter sue Apple.

Samsung has had great success selling their devices in a battle against the iPhone and iPad in Japan: the Strategy Analytics are saying that the Samsung Galaxy S has sold more unites than the Apple iPhone in Japan in the first quarter of 2011. The NTT DoCoMo japanese mobile carrier has just launched recently a version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 on its 4G LTE mobile broadband network.

NTT DoCoMo does not seem concerned by the lawsuit. In comments to IDG News, DoCoMo chief Ryuji Yamada says Samsung has confirmed to the the company that Apple won’t be able to win an injunction on sales in Japan.

We should get more news on this lawsuit in the upcoming weeks as the rulings come to be heard.

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