Android Tablet PC – The Main Advantages

Posted on 23 May 2010 by Android

Tablet computers are going to have a huge push this year.  The iPad, which came out earlier this year and a handful of Android based devices are already out on the market.  It’s probable that Microsoft will launch new tablet based Windows computers to compete with what could become a huge market in the next year or two.

What are some advantages of these devices?

The first is portability.  Most will weigh much less than a laptop meaning that you will be able to take them more places.  While netbooks can do the same thing, some would rather have their computer in a tablet form especially with technology like a touch screen.

Some prefer using pens to input data on their screen.  While not all tablets can do this, many can.  You can take your pen and write down notes on the screen which will turn it into text.  This device can quickly and easily let you get ideas down.  For those who love to draw, a tablet can let you sketch down ideas and even interact with photo editing programs giving your workspace a whole new feel versus using a mouse and keyboard.

Unlike a laptop or netbook, you don’t really need a flat surface or table to use these devices.  Hold the device in one hand and use the pen in the other.  They are easy to use while sitting down or standing up.

Many of these devices are going to become reading devices.  There are already many popular ebook reading devices that are out.  A tablet computer can function as this and a computer at the same time simplifying the number of devices in your life.

For media such as movies or television shows, a tablet computer is a good device to have.  Since they are already in wide screen format like a piece of paper is shaped, it works well sideways to watch your shows and movies.

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