Android vs. Web OS – in a Tablet

Posted on 20 May 2010 by Android

Android tablets are popping up all over, such as the Camangi Webstation, Dell Streak, and Archos 5. However, WebOS has lived in the shell of the Palm pre & Pixi for some time now, as well as their Plus variants. This is going to change. HP bought Palm recently, and according to an article on Engadget word is that they will be developing a WebOS tablet, code named Hurricane. This makes sense, given the HP Slate (a Windows 7-based tablet PC to compete with the iPad) was halted recently, just prior to, or during the Palm acquisition. My take? It’ll be a WebOS toting HP slate. So here’s the question. From a web tablet perspective, which is a different environment than a smartphone, which do you think will fare better? Android or WebOS? From a UI perspective, accessibility aside, WebOS is a better platform. The issue is in the lack of hardware, and as a result, lack of the development community (not to mention Palm’s employees suddenly jumping ship). IF, and that’s a BIG IF, if HP can pull this off, we may have a nice contender on our hands to Android.

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