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Is LG’s tablet delay really an Android Gingerbread delay?

Posted on 10 October 2010 by Android

It appears that the delay for LG’s inaugural Android tablet device, which was originally planned for the fourth quarter of this year, might not be entirely LG’s fault. A story out of Korea by Yonhap News Agency quotes two LG officials regarding the LG tablet delay, and hints that the source of the delay could very well be Google and the upcoming Gingerbread version of its Android smartphone OS.

Google had said in the past that the Gingerbread release of the OS was scheduled for late 2010, but we’ve heard some rummblings that it won’t launch until 2011 now, possibly waiting for one of the large trade shows, such as CES or Mobile World Congress. An LG spokesperson said the following regarding the tablet, hinting at an external delay that could be Gingerbread:

“We want to make sure that the operating system is exactly suitable with our tablet. We have always said that the fourth quarter is our target, but we realized that the decision is not just up to us.”

An anonymous quote attributed to an LG executive seems to back that up, saying “LG initially looked at Gingerbread [but] the timing for the release is uncertain.” This seems to suggests that LG had planned to use Gingerbread from the start.

Google, for its part, has said quite directly that Android 2.2 Froyo is not designed for tablets. Considering that we’ve heard talk of delays for tablets coming from Acer and Motorola, as well, Gingerbread could be the common thread. Samsung, for its part, is using the widely deployed 2.2 Froyo release of Android.

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