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new and Motorola partnership

Posted on 29 September 2011 by Android is grouping up with Motorola Mobliity to offer its app pre-loaded on the Xoom Android tablet series.

Motorola’s Honeycomb-based tablet hit stores at the begining of the year but it is not the first device that will have a pre-loaded application.

When HP liquidated their touchpad, we saw a lot of people signing up for a account. Box had an offer that was truly appreciated by those that got their hands on an HP Touchpad during the fire sale. Box has a solid relationship with HP, they were the first manufacture (and only one up to date) that had an app which included 50GB of free lifetime storage. This offer .

Kathy Chou, who is the VP of strategy and operations at Hewlett-Packard, also published at the BoxWorks 2011  that HPs business line of computers will shortly start shipping with applications pre-loaded on new purchases starting with SMBs in North America, and they also plan on expanding globally.

Even if they offer products for computers,the strategies aim more at the mobile devices seeing how those devices usually have lesser hard drive space compared to conventional computers. Box’s cloud structure is very nice for enterprises and even normal users who want cloud storage to have quick access to files from anywhere to stay productive. It’s as easy as touching the screens a few times and having access to everything.

Box also stated several other affiliations during the keynote which included companies like VMware, Ping Security and integration for Salesforce Chatter.

Jason Ruger, senior director of IT strategy and security, said that the ease of use and the 4G connection speed compatibility of the Motorola Xoom android tablet is what makes an ideal app on the tablet.

“If you can not access files and data on your portable device, you are not as productive as you can be,” Ruger said.

The application will be loaded with the new shipment of Motorola Xoom units sold globally and will help provide access to all of a user’s content via secure sharing from anywhere.

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