Smartphones and Internet Tablets the New Wave of Me Media

Posted on 19 May 2010 by Android

The new breed of mobile phone is thriving at the moment and the market is starting to flourish with models being introduced from all angles. Previously the iPhone dominated this sector but since everyone’s familiar with the smooth touch screen and slick cover flow it’s just so last year.
Now consumers expect more from their multimedia devices and the Finnish king of mobile phones is adding to the competition. Nokia has just released the 5800 XpressMusic, the touch screen handset that’s an answer to the challenges fronted by Apples iPhone which has hogged much of the market attention since its release last year. In addition Google recently launched its G1 device running on its new Android platform which had stirred up a lot of interest in the tech community. The Blackberry is well established as the smartphone for business for those who don’t want to leave the office, and Research in Motion have announced that a touch screen is in production with the title of the Blackberry Storm.

So Nokia, after concerns were raised about its slipping grip over the mobile market, has got its foot in the smartphone door with a mobile capable of all the usual; web browsing, push emails, digital camera and video playback facilities. But the real crux of the 5800 XpressMusic launch is the Comes With Music part of the promotion where users get unlimited access for a year to the 5million strong database of tracks Nokia has managed to amass with the major labels of the music industry. Amid the fears and hysteria surrounding illegal downloads and file sharing via the web Nokia are hoping this package offers a viable and affordable alternative for children and parents over the Christmas period.

This is a positive step for consumers. Not only is the new smartphone offering a fresh and alternative business model for downloading music rather than just from iTunes, but also with an influx of portable media devices there will be more choice for consumers therefore prompting makers and service providers to be more competitive with their rates. In addition the new Archos 5 media tablet has been released. It’s an excellent digital content device letting you watch video in formats MP4, AVI and WMV as well music formats MP3, WMA and AAC. You can play Flash based games that look striking on the clear as crystal 5-inch screen. You can browse the web and check your emails as well as listen to digital radio. Of course it’s not technically a phone but it is an impressive piece of equipment nonetheless.

With Microsoft penned to enter the fray as well the smartphone market may soon be saturated with quality mobile kit all at competitive prices, good news for the electronics consumers.

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